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Pierre BOULEZ  >  Sur incises
1-2. Sur Incises  [1996-98] 
pour 3 pianos, 3 harpes et 3 percussions-claviers
3-6. Messagesquisse  [1976-77]
pour 7 violoncelles
7-15. Anthèmes 2  [1997]
pour violon et dispositif électronique
Jean-Guihen QUEYRAS, violoncelle solo
Raphaël PERRAUD, Valérie AIMARD,
Thomas DURAN, Thierry AMADI, violoncelles
Pierre BOULEZ, direction

This supremely well-performed and engineered disc is completed by the short ‘sketched message’ for seven cellos which Boulez wrote to celebrate Paul Sacher’s 70th birthday in 1976. The music brilliantly characterises those oppositions between refinement and ferocity which form the essence of Boulez’s distinctive style, and it adds further substance to what is certain to be one of the year’s outstanding contemporary music releases.'  Arnold Whittall - GRAMOPHONE

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